Camp Jack Star Parties

The CAS will be holding several informal star parties at the Camp Jack recreational area just West of Curt Gowdy State park. Some people camp out overnight, some people come out for awhile and return to town. Attendance varies from 1 to 30 so if it's clear you might come on out.

There are very few rules for the star parties. We ask that you use red flashlights while walking around and if you show up after dark, please be careful coming in trying not to get your lights on everyone who is out scoping.

Due to limited space this is reserved for CAS, LASSO or DAS, LAS, CSAS, NCAS members only

Camp Jack is very easy to get to. Just take Happy Jack road (Hwy 210) West from Cheyenne. Drive approximately 30 miles to the Curt Gowdy State Park entrance. Drive another 1/4 mile past the Hynds Lodge road and take the very next right through a metal gate. The turn is at Mile Marker Post 25. You go in at that turn and take the first "fork" to the left, follow it around then you'll pass a bathroom. Continue on that road till you come to another clearing. That is where we will be.

Although this is not the best site in the Front Range, it is definately one of the best. The site is at almost 7000 feet and there are no lights whatsoever in view from Camp Jack. I hope to see you all there and remember, this is Wyoming. Bring your parka ... It may snow .... In June.